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Do you Gym? 

This is the name for a cookbook? Well for a very short time we played with it. 

There is a story about this (Always a story).  I, James Robert Kamen, have always wondered why I have two names?  No, not James and Robert, I get that.  But how about James, and Jim?  Where did that come from? Robert and Bob, Jack and John, Richard and Dick, Sarah sometimes Sally, too many, but you see where I’m going.  It’s not a nickname cause when I grew up that meant something.  We all knew who "Shorty" was. 

So this past Christmas most of the family was going to “The Swamp” and me being me, I needed something to surprise everyone. 

We got in sort of late, so the next morning I informed the family that I was changing my name:  to Gym.  That way they would only have to learn a different spelling but it would still sound the same.  And I would now have only one name, (Except for Robert).  Of course I could be Gym Bob Kamen but I always hated it when people called me that. (Jim Bob) 

The other reason is that I made Jim Bob into a character.  If I decide to add a DVD to go with the book you might meet him. 

There were the jokes about changing my last name to Nasium, but part of me thinks that they thought I was serious.  No one ever knows for sure about Jim (Gym). 

OK, I’m working on different parts of this project every day.  I can’t do just one thing too long.  What are we going to name this book?  Chef Jim?  Boy that’s real original. 

Do you Google? Yahoo? Twitter?  These names are becoming household words.  Why shouldn’t I, “Gym” be a household name?  I’ve already had my so-called fifteen minutes of fame nine years ago.  Not many remember it and that’s another story.

Do You Gym?  Synonymous with good cooking!

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