Mussels in Brandy Cream Sauce

I got this recipe while on vacation in Costa Rica.  We were eating dinner at a place called El Coconut.  Really great food, and the owner is hot.  Naturally I needed to try to get a recipe, so on the way out I made it point to speak with her.  Luckily Sharon, BHSLH, is sort of used to this by now, especially when a cute girl is involved.

Katharina, looks like Stephanie March of Law & Order, so I use that as an opener to start a conversation.  You could see the smile when I told her she looked just like a famous TV star.

There was a little small talk and I asked for her Mussel appetizer recipe.  She just smiled at me and gave me a look as if she would never ever give out her secrete.

Well, I never give up easily.  We went back for dinner again a few nights later.  The food was really that good.  Katharina, made it a point to stop by our table so I took full advantage of it.  We talked about my book and that I was a Chef.  She gave in and gave me a card with her email on it.

Email me and I will sent it to you.  It will take awhile because of the pending holidays, Christmas etc.

I wait ,and wait, and wait some more.  Really thought she had blown me off.  I'm not used to that. LOL.  I was about to give up and what arrives in my inbox?  The recipe she promised.  So here it is, in her own words, I did not correct anything.

"Mussels in Cream Brandy Sauce: 

- red bell peppers, celleri and red onions choppped VERY finely

- heat the frying pan and START COOKING :-)

1 table spoon of butter

1/2 table spoon of finely chopped garlic

approx. 3 table spoons of the chopped vegetables

.... let this heat slightly

add 7 mussels in their shell but already open and cleaned ofcourse

(the easiest way to make sure that mussels are safe and cleaning them is by putting them in a bowl of cold water: thouse that donot open - go in the garbage- those that do open take out their "roots" or "beirds", sand that can be in the shells will naturally fall at the bottom of the bowl and therefor the mussels are clean :-)

add some white wine - and let it reduce

NOW : be generous with the brandy and light it all on fire (only with parental supervision)

A touch of liquid cream and the whole thing is as good as done 

Place some rice center plate and lay the Mussels in an orderly circle around the rice .

Use a spoon to add more of the sauce inside each one of your mussels."

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