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Chef Jim, AKA, Gym, studied with The DC School of Culinary Arts. This is a funny story in the book about how I started cooking.

I have been asked many times to give someone a recipe, or even contribute to a local cookbook.  Sure, I can do that.  Then one day the thought occurred to me that I should write my own.  Me being me, I did it!  Now look at the picture, would you buy a cookbook from this character?  You should! Read about the concept.

 I have written a different type of cook book that I hope you will find amusing and informative.  Most people that have purchased the book have told me that they have read the whole thing.  WOW!

Next is a Gym story, it will give you an idea of how my mind wanders. Click here.

And a sample recipe that you might not find in the book. Click here.

My wife (Sharon) says that she has never read a cookbook like this.

I told her that's because I had never written one before!  She's laughing and thinks it's great.  Bless her sweet little heart.

Order your copy now, also available on CD.  Sorry, no download available yet.

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