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Sweet Potatoes

A sample of what you might find in the book.

The Story:

While living in Texas, some of the family came for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Naturally I was cooking.  I made all kinds of things 'cause I was just learning.

Sandy, Sharon's sister, was there. Now she's a squiggle like me, (Explained in the book) and I have given her a nick name. It's Sandy with a "Y".  This name came about many years later, in fact just this past Christmas. (Also in the book.) But I just had to tell you.  It's just me.

Now Sharon, bless her sweet little heart, loves sweet potatoes.  Of course we had them for the Big dinner.  But there is one thing that Sharon (BHSLH) doesn't like:  that would be sweet things for dinner.  I knew this!

I don't know how this all got started but some guy decided that sweet potatoes should have marshmallow all over along with any combination of other sweets. YUCK. I don't make them that way.

Well the dinner went very well and everyone gave the chef their compliments on a job well done.  I passed my first test! Yes, Yes.

A few weeks later, Sandy with a "Y" called and asked for my secret sweet potato recipe. She just raved about how good they were.  She had never had sweet potatoes like them! I started to sort of laugh silently but gladly told her how to make them.

Here Goes:  Gather as many sweet potatoes that you need.  Cut them in half if you like, as I did.  Now put them in a glass baking dish and bake at about 350 until they are soft. You should be able to easily stick them with a fork.  Serve!

Now Sandy with a "Y" about fell over. I mean she thought I had some sort of magical process. NOT.

We have all had a good laugh over this and it is still talked about today.

By the way, Miss "Y" has turned into a great cook/chef. There will be at least one recipe that she turned me on to. (Turned on? Jim you dirty ole man.)

Enjoy your sweet potatoes, Chef Jim.

Footnote, I emailed Miss "Y" about this page. This is how she replied.

"Not too many websites I have the patience to wait to open on my phone, but yours I had to.  Pretty funny.  Do u Gym?

Still make my sweet potatoes the Gym way to this day."


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