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Custom Pepper Mills



Beside being an excellent cook, I am also an amateur wood turner. Here are some of my recent projects.  I will be happy to custom turn a bowl or Pepper/Salt Mill.

 I have access to many different wood types.  Pick something like I have already done or send me a photo and I will tell you if I can do it and what it will cost. 

As these are all hand turned, no two pieces are exactly alike. Some pieces might be limited in size by the availability of different woods.

Please allow at least four weeks for delivery.

Shipping is extra on all pieces.

You will notice that some mills have the old knob on the top, and some do not.  I have been making most without the knob because the grinder mechanism is all ceramic and can be used for salt or pepper.


Someone said these mills should be referred to as Rubirosa

Porfirio Rubirosa a Ribald Classic 

If you’ve never heard of him, then prepare yourself to meet (cue grandiose flamenco chords) The Most Interesting Man in the World. He had a lot in common with the guy on those Dos Equis commercials, except he was real. 

Porfirio had a penchant for rich women, so for the full story click here, but this is the part that refers to Pepper Mills.

 In 1942 he met and married the French actress Danielle Darrieux. From then on Rubirosa traveled in cinematic circles, which meant a more public profile. A consequence of this was that tidbits of his personal life began to leak out. Suddenly everyone knew he was a great lover, and that he had a penis measuring anywhere from eleven to fourteen inches, depending on whom you believed. After a while the slang term “rubirosa” became popular in France. They used it to refer to the giant pepper grinders in restaurants, and still do to this day.


A pair of Cherry Salt/Pepper Mills.

Ten and nine inches tall.


Price. $99 each.


Next Macassar Ebony: Note the blue on the left side. That is a reflection of my blue pool.

The one on the left is about 11 inches tall.

Price: $99 ea.

This is Zebra Wood. 11 inches tall.

Price: $99

Some smaller sizes.

Red Oak, 4in.

Price $35

Red Oak 6in.


Stained Poplar, 6in.

Price: $39


A small bowl made from Ambrosia Maple. About 5 1/2 wide.

Price: $45



This is a 10 in.  The bowl is made from Norfolk Island Pine.  Not always available.  At the present time I am only able to turn 8+.

Price will vary with size. From $49 to $125

Tea Candle Holders

The bonfire, 8 inch diameter, 3 1/2 tall holds six candles.




Next are two very unique pieces made from Norfolk Island Pine.

Number One is Ten inches long and stands about three inches tall.



Number two is eleven inches long, Nine inches wide and stands three inches high.

Another view, note the texture of this side.






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